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Flavor Body Weight Loss Sauna

What is a Weight Loss Sauna?

Our infrared heat therapy sauna helps detoxify the body of unwanted chemicals and breaks up fatty tissue deposits. Infrared waves penetrate the body to create heat that will help you burn 600+  calories in one 30-minute session. A 30-minute session is equivalent to running 2-3 miles.

Benefits of this treatment

- Weight Loss

- Burn 600 – 1500 calories

- Loose pound, inches and reduce cellulite

- Deep sense of calm and relaxation

- Detox

- Increased blood flow

- Increased tissue oxygenation

- Strengthen immunity

- Stress relief

- Pain Relief

- Metabolism is boosted for the next 36 hours

- Helps Restlessness and Insomnia


- Pregnancy

- Lactating Mothers

- Temperature/Heat Sensitivity 

- Hemophilia

- Medications/Blood Thinners

- If you have been advised to stay away from heat

- Skin infections / Disorders

- Cold/ Flu

- Headache

- Defibrillator

- Implants

- Broken bones

- Epilepsy

- Pacemaker

- Cochlear implant

- Untreated Hypertension

- Lupus

- Multiple sclerosis

Before Care

- Hydrate yourself 

- Do not eat a heavy meal

- Do not come to your appointment on an empty stomach, eat a light snack if you need

- For the best results, workout before your appointment


- Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body and flush toxins

- Wait 1-2 hours before showering to allow your body to fully detox

- Wait several hours before eating


How many sessions can I get and how often?

You can get 1-3 sessions a week.

How long will it take to cool down?

It will take up to an hour to cool down.

What should I wear?

It’s your choice! We recommend that your wear cotton clothes to put a barrier between you and the bag to prevent sensitivity and make you feel more comfortable. You can also wear our complimentary disposable bra and panties. If you prefer to wear your own clothes, be sure to bring an extra pair of clothes.

Why do I need to be hydrated?

Your body uses water to flush out toxins and waste. It is important to replenish the water in your body after treatments.

Is this procedure safe?

Infrared heat therapy is completely safe. This procedure is relaxing, and the bag will never burn your skin.

Does it hurt?


What should I expect during my session?

Your body will be wrapped in a disposable liner and you will have free movement of your hands. You will be able to relax, sleep, meditate or listen to music.

How is this procedure different form a gym sauna or a regular sauna?

The infrared heat in this procedure travels 2”-3” deep into the body. A traditional sauna travels ½” into the body. In our procedure more calories are burned because of the deeper penetration.

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