ilash flavor training workshop

iLash Flavor Classic Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Training Workshop

iLash Flavor presents the Classic Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Training Workshop. In this course you will learn how to properly apply eyelash extensions to natural eyelashes safely and securely, and all the information you need to know to become a successful Eyelash Extension Stylist.


What's included in the class:

- Certification of completion

- Fully loaded 25+ Person Kit

- Compressive take home manual

- Live Model Hands on Training

- Continuous mentorship and support

Eyelash Extension Training

What will be covered in the class:

- History of eyelash extensions 

- Potential Earnings 

- Client consultation 

- Eyelash Growth Cycle

- Medical Concerns / Contradictions

- Proper Sanitation

- Eyelash extension information (Length /Diameter)

- Eyelash Application 

 - Eyelash Removal

- Marketing/Promotion 

- Business Aspects

- Q and A

- Certification Quiz

And More!

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